Can a Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

What does the success of hair transplantation depend on?

Hair transplantation depends on many parameters. The most important of these parameters are an experienced physician, the best conditions established in the hospital and a very good assistant health personnel. Apart from these, many factors affect the outcome of hair transplantation. For example, the planning of the patient, the passing of a mini check-up, serum insertion, the use of the fue method, the proper retrieval of the channels according to their original angle are some of the main factors which affect the success of hair transplants.

Can a Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

It can be fixed. First, we have to examine the patient. If the hair line is too low, we can bring it back with the help of some special techniques. After that, multiple grafts of which has been transplanted with a wrong angle should be extracted with FUE micromotor. Single and double grafts should be implanted in their place, at the correct angle.

Will the patient see this difference?

Not only the patient but also the people around them will see this difference. The patient, who was obvious that has undergone hair transplantation will be unnoticeable that has undergone hair transplantation.

How long will the procedure take?

It depends on the graft number and the extent of the problem but generally it takes 1 hour more than a standard hair transplant.

Can the patient return to work immediately?

He can return to work the next day. Since the method used is FUE, the patient’s healing will be fast enough to return to work the next day

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