Fibrocell (Stem Cell Treatment)

Fibrocell is is the basic substance of connective tissue filling the space between tissues and cells. Collagen which is the basic substance of connective tissue is very important protein providing healing of wounds and recovering of cells. Fibroblast is the name of the cells responsible to make collagen. Therefore there is a direct relation between fibroblast and tissue recovering. Contrary to the considered fat tissue is much richer of fibroblast than bone marrow. Fibrocell (Stem Cell Treatment) is being very popular in recent years due to the big amount of fibroblast in fat tissue discovered by scientists. While isolating fibroblast from bone marrow is very difficult it is much easier to extract it from fat tissue by biopsy.

How Is Fibroblast Attained?

The areas of back side of ears or inner arm are preferred, but doctors can use also fat tissues from different parts of the body. Biopsy must be done in steril conditions, directly from the individual patient and must be transferred in accordance with the principles of the cold chain in laboratory. The fibroblasts in this small fat tissue are increased in laboratory and transferred back to the receiver in accordance with the principles of the cold chain. The procedure of increasing fibroblasts lasts approximately 5 weeks. The new material rich of fibroblasts is injected by a doctor again to the necessary areas. The procedure is completed as 3 sessions are applied in periods of 3 weeks between each session.

Where Is Fibroblast Applied To?

Stem cell treatment can be applied to many cases, but mainly:

  • On wounds and burns.
  • In treatment of hair loss and preventing baldness.
  • On scars occured by trauma. In correcting skin pits.
  • Especially on face wrinkles and face renewal.
  • In shaping lips.

Is Fibrocess a Reliable Procedure

Fibrocell is reliable because it is prepared from the patients own tissue. It has no allergic risk.

Beginning and Duration Of Fibrocell Effect

Since fibroblast is being applied a patient recognizes its effect approximately after 1 month. This significant difference continues to increase in the period of 1 year. The maximum effect is not visible after 1 month, a patient must wait for it 1 year. The performed treatment continues to protect its effect during 5 years. There is a direct relation between the duration of treatment effect and keeping moist the area where it is applied. Very important precautions are especially drinking plenty of water and protecting from sun shines.

If you have some of the complaints mentioned above Fibroblast Stem Cell Treatment can be very effective for you. The first step you should make is to take a doctor appointment and be examined.

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