Hair Loss and It’s Causes

Nowadays hair loss has begun to be a common problem that we often encounter in both men and women and both young and old, regardless of gender or age. It is caused by unconscious and false usage of chemicals and medicines, by stress which is an important triggering factor, but most importantly by genetic reasons.

Hair loss in men usually occurs because of an inherited sensitivity to the effects of androgens. Male type hair loss is an unwanted and stressful process for many men. This occurs in some men at the beginning of their 20s. This type of hair loss is the most common form in men, affecting 25% of men until the age of 25, 40% until age 40, and 50% up to age 50.

Especially in male type, hair loss starts from the forehead and can spread through the upper part of back of the head. In Women, the usage of the chemical, the shampoos, the products and methods to give shape and color to the hair (curling iron, hair drier, hair dye) can dry out and weaken the hair and cause hair loss.
Improper nutrition also has a huge effect on hair loss. For example, during weight loss diets malnutrition and unbalanced nutrition can cause damage to the hair. Especially in diets that do not contain protein consumption, hairs can enter the resting phase which can cause hair loss. Protein is an important factor in hair protection, so hair should not be deprived of proteins.

In addition, in women the pregnancy and the hormonal changes it brings, will cause the mothers body to react. In this case, one of the common reactions is hair loss. Mothers emotional changes, sudden happiness and excitement can trigger this situation.

After childbirth, hair loss can also increase, this is called ” telogen affluvium ”. The growth and increase in numbers of hairs occur as a result of the increase of the hormanal levels. However this situation can be solved with healthy nutrition and proteins between 3-6 months.

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