Hair Loss Thermotherapy

Thermotherapy can be applied alone or as a procedure before mesotherapy. Some nourishing components are applied to hair roots and skin through warm vapour.

During application nutrients are applied to hair roots, hair skin pores are open and softened. After thermotherapy mesotherapy can be made. Thermotherapy is commonly unknown among hair loss patients. A kind of ozonated liquid is applied as vapour to scalp to hydrate and open pores, then a special mixture is applied with massage. This procedure lasts approximately 20 minutes and is done one time per a week. It is applied especially to hair transplantation patients since the third day after surgery to relax pores.

In this way moisture of scalp is increased, blood circulation is more activated and hair components are let absorbed to strengthen hair. This procedure is applied in 4 or 8 session, healthy hairs grow easily from healthy skin. The extracts used in hair thermotherapy are similar to these used in medical shampoos but scalp is much more positively effected by them with thermotherapy. Because in thermotherapy scalp is softened by ozonated vapour, the pores are widely open and extracts can reach the deepest points and feed. After procedure this area is spread with a special oils mixture. Thus, extracts stay on scalp longer. Hair thernotherapy combined with medical shampoo is the simplest protocol of hair loss treatment.

It is a beginning of a treatment not only for hair transplanted patients but for all who suffer from hair loss. It is especially effective treatment for people who have broken and thin hairs due to wrongly used medicines and hair dyes. Some procedures performed in hair salons may cause serious problems because of chemicals used more than normally. Because of wrong procedures hairs of some women can be damaged and cause problems. For these patients home care cures can be added to clinic thermotherapy. Of course medical shampoo also must be prescribed. Combinations of treatment options can be used in hair thermotherapy too.

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