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Hair Transplant in Turkey

1-) Arrival in Turkey

Our welcoming team will be waiting for you at the airport, at your arrival.

2-) Meeting with the Welcoming Team
3-) Arrival to hotel
4-) Accomodation
5-) Arrival to the Hospital, Registration and Payment
6-) Doctor's Examination and Planning
7-) Blood Sampling and PRP Preparation
8 ) Taking Photos
9-) Haircut
10-) Last Planning
11-) Starting the Operation
12-) Pre-anesthesia Without Needle
13-) Local Anesthesia
14-) Tissue Test
15-) Quick Graft Extraction
16-) Graft Classification
17-) Channel Opening
18-) Implant Test
19 ) Implantation + PRP Application
20-) Wound Dressing
21-) Prescription and Recommendations
22-) Send-off
23-) Hair Wash After the Operation

Expert of Hair Restoration and Hair Loss Treatment Dr. Hamid AYDIN

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