Male Type Hair Loss in Women

Male type hair loss is seen in both men and women. Since it is more common in men, it has been called male-type hair loss. At this hair loss, which is known as the bald among the people, there is no hair on the upper part of the head.

Features of Male-Type Hair Loss in Women

80 percent of the baldness problem is caused by this loss. It is caused by the effect of the androgen hormone which is secreted in women. Because the secreted androgen hormone causes narrowing of the veins in the hair follicles. On the other hand, the hair follicles are not well nourished and become small hairs.

Hair loss starting from the upper part of the head.

The forehead area opens.

The nape region is the last part of hair loss.

The progression may decelerate.

Its permanent.

It is caused by genetic predisposition.

Why Male-Type Hair Loss in Women?

The reason why it occurs in women is the hormone androgen that is secreted more than normal, or the weakness of the hair follicles to the androgen hormone.

Too much secreted androgen hormone;

It is the main cause of male hair loss.

Androgenic hormones severely affect the hair follicles and weaken them.

This hormone secreted in both women and men is usually less secreted in women.

Excessive secretion affects the hair follicles and the hair begins to get bald.

The susceptible hair follicles;

The roots of the hair, which are made resistant to certain levels of androgen, become smaller and thinner in case of an excessive secretion of androgens and become thin feather like hairs which are incapable of growing.

Susceptible hair follicles, as well as hormonal problems, may be the cause of this problem.

What Are the Symptoms of Male Hair Loss In Women?

Although it may be delayed by an early diagnosis, there is no painful and distressing disease, so unfortunately, the only symptom is the increasing hair loss. A hair loss in pinches like ringworm is a telling sign of male type hair loss.

Participation in skin analyses once a year will have a great advantage for early diagnosis. Especially people, who have the baldness in family members whether male or female does not matter, must carry out the health controls about hair every year.  With early diagnosis, hair loss should be delayed and the opportunity to live more comfortable for years should not be missed.

What Is the Treatment Of Male-Type Hair Loss In Women?

Unfortunately, the complete treatment of male-type hair loss is not available, it is permanent and cannot be reversed whether in men or women. With early diagnosis, it can be delayed and in some cases stopped with several creams and serums.

After a period of 5-10 years, a medium level of baldness may occur. The only solution for this loss is the hair transplant.

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