Results of A Failed Hair Transplant Procedure

When a failed hair transplant operation is carried out, visual and health problems that the person will carry a lifetime can occur. In addition, being sparce, regional and having bad image makes the hair look artifical. People who have hair transplantation decision should choose a hair transplant centre that is employed by experts in the business. Before applying to hair transplant centres almost everywhere, you should investigate and ensure the adequacy of these hair transplant centres. At the same time, the failure of the hair transplant cannot always be caused by a hair transplant centre.

After the hair transplant, if the care isn’t done carefully, problems can be seen and aren’t due to hair transplantation. For this reason, it is good for you to know if the treatment is suitable for you or not after blood tests and a brief investigation. Skilled and specialized hair transplant centres can help you in this process. Most importantly, when you decided to have a hair transplant, you shouldn’t only consider its price alone. Otherwise, when you choose the cheapest and most economic hair transplant centres, you may encounter outdated device technology, very little knowledge and expericence of medical personnel and you may end up with a problematic image throughout your life.

Hair Transplantation Experience, Expertise and Technology Of The Devices Used

There are many methods used in hair transplantation. There are also thousands of studies on hair transplantation. The best-known methods are the FUT and FUE techniques. The FUT technique is a method older than the FUE technique. In FUT, a thick tissue is removed from the area with healthy hair cells. In general, healthy hair cells remain on the nape side at last and are preferred to be removed from neck. This technique leaves a scar on the area that is removed tissue.

What Is the Newest Technique in Hair Transplantation?

  • The FUE technique which is the most recent technique,
  • It is a method in which healthy hair cells are removed one by one.
  • The healthy hair cells that are removed are placed to the ​​hair loss area one by one. Therefore, scar does not occur or is uncertain in this technique.
  • If this technique carried out by inexperienced hands, you can get bad results and have it for life.
  • In case of hair transplantation in inexperienced hands, the hair cells removed from the healthy area may be damaged and also hair shedding may occur in the healthy area. Scars that reveal on the area also cause a bad image.
  • When hair cells which are in limited number in the scalp, are damaged, it is almost impossible to repair them or do it again.
  • From here you can reach our before/after photos of the hair transplantation operations in our centre.

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